By Liligance 08/06/2022

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Marrying under an arch covered with cedar tree branches hanging  misletoe in front of a hearty fireplace. There must be more winter weddings they are just so magical. 
Why should you choose a winter? Because they are classy, charming and whimsical.
Only thing you need to do is to choose right elements for you give warm feeling while keeping the coolness of winter weather.
Winter theme works together nicely with classical, glamorous and vintage themes.

Bridal Look and the Bouquet for Your Winter Wedding


What Elements Should You Use?

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Your bridal bouquet is one of the most important element for you to show of your wedding's color scheme. You should choose flowers according to your wedding theme. If your winter wedding has a Christmas theme, red and green elements are your stars. If you are  going for a forst glam themed then you can keep it classic and go for an all white bouquet.
Winter season brings the darker colors to the nature so don't be afraid to add darker colored flowers to your bouquet like scabiosa, anemon and red roses. Also don't forget to add textured greenery to your bouquet like myrtle and eucalyptus.
For your bridal look, consider buying a bridal wrap, (check out this blog post of mine to find our more) they will save you from freezing during outside photo-shooting sessions while making look like a fairy!

If you have always dreamt of a long sleeve wedding dress, don't think twice they are the right choice for a winter wedding. Also go for all kind of shiny embellishments both for your dress and accessories, with all the dark backgrounds they will shine like a tiny fairy lights and will give whimsical feeling to your wedding day photos.Check this unique winter headpiece here!

 Decorations and Bridesmaids Attire for Your Winter Wedding

Your table and other wedding decorations are closely related to your wedding floral choice which the main element is your bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids bouquets.
Apply the same "dark color" idea as I mentioned above to your bridesmaids dress and choose velvet as your first fabric type for the dresses. Deep emerald green, burgundy and black are your top options. 
Lush greenery with complement florals is your best friend for your arch and centerpieces. Use tree branches with candles as your centerpieces. If you can find a venue with a big fireplace that would add such a divine feeling to your winter wedding.

Invitation Suit and Other Wedding Stationery for Your Winter Wedding

Use same color palette with your florals on your invitations. Prefer designs with elements giving the winter feeling.