By Liligance 08/02/2020

Veil Types You Should Know 

Bircage veil is a short veil type usually made with netting or tulle. These beautiful pieces can be worn as its own but also can be attached to a flower fascinator, pillbox hat sparkle comb or any other bridal headpiece you wish.  If you are planning to wed in a courthouse this lovely piece of veil could be a good choice for you. Also for your wedding photography, if you like to create something different, birdcage veil combining with a tea length dress will make you look like from 1950’s.There are different types of birdcage veils according to their lengths.

Bandeau veil (Venetian veil) is a band of netting worn by pinning behind each ear. Usually covers forehead and eyes only.

Full birdcage veil is approximately 12” 18” from the comb to the tip. Coverage can vary according to its position on your head.

Birdcage veils are very versatile pieces and can be style many different ways.

1. Birdcage Veil

This veil is usually favored by more traditional brides. It can be combined beautifully almost every type of wedding dress. Actually this veil’s background story is very tragical, during the II. World War there was fabric shortage and tailors came up with this new solution, shoulder length veil.

2. Shoulder Length Veil

3. Elbow Length Veil

This veil is between fingertip length and shoulder length veil. If it is made from a light fabric it will give the flying effect, that is why it is also known flaway veil.

4. Fingertip Veil

This is another medium length veil type. Usually it ends bride’s waist or her fingertips while she is standing with both arms are at her side. This veil can be use with a lot of different hairstyles especially with low up-do’s. It is also known as drop veil.

5. Ballerina Veil

This veil hangs around your knees, can be fall through your ankles according to your height, but does not touch the floor, also known as waltz. It gives a romantic look to the bride, can be chosen with a wedding gown with a modest train. For a softer look, can be preferred as multi-layered.

6. Chapel  Veil

Chapel veil extends to floor and it is preferable if it exceeds the train of the gown more than 4-5”. This veil can be chosen for a more formal and traditional bridal look.

7. Cathedral  Veil

This is the longest and also most formal veil type. Also known as royal veil. When you combine this with a wedding dress with a long train it gives a real dramatic look. You might need a couple of people to help you to move around the veil. This is a little price to pay for such a magnificent look.