By Liligance 08/07/2020

Rustic Fall Wedding Inspiration

Keep seeing rustic word with home deco, weddings anything? So what does actually rustic mean? Rustic is definition the design which stands for natural, rough, aged, country related more of rural.  With rustic design we should keep it simple and natural.

With fall is on the way, rustic wedding theme can be perfectly combined with the season. Since in the fall everywhere we look turn into warm tones of burnt oranges and yellows, these earthy colors will grant you great success with rustic theme.

If you decide to rent a place for the wedding, you should choose a barn or farmhouse. These places make you feel relaxed and warm same with the rustic décor so they are perfect match.

Outdoors are also good choices for planning rustic wedding. Anywhere could be great since rustic theme is all about the nature.


2. Wedding Dress

3. Wedding Decoration

Rustic theme is all about the materials that are rough and have a texture. Prefer rough wood tables decorated with dried herbs and natural runners like jute, burlap, macrame or textured cotton. Use handmade elements, for that you can check Etsy there are millions of unique handmade items. Also some of them can be customizable.

Plants are also one of the most important elements. Use terracotta planters, succulents, ceramic pots prefer greenery more than flowers, pampas grass can be your star plant in the decoration.

Desert and rustic theme harmonise perfectly together. Desert plants and other deserty elements can be used.

Keep the cake simple with the earthy tones; just decorate with some yellowed leaves.

1. Wedding Venue

Rustic theme goes great with boho vibes too. They both embrace the natural beauty. With the wedding dress and accessories prefer lace dress and a headband preferably sits on your forehead. Aim to achieve a carefree, effortless and natural look.

With the dress,Daughters of Simone is the brand of the bohemian wedding dresses.They have great boho dresses, we strongly suggest you to check their website (not an affiliate link).